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"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us."

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You ain’t gotta worry, it’s an open invitation, I’ll be sittin’ right here, real patient. All day, all night, I’ll be waitin’ standby, Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you All day, all night, maybe I’m addicted for life, no lie.

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in love

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Anónimo sent: okay so what e x a c t l y about zayn do you like?


oh dear lord here we go. okay so if you missed my little zayn moment earlier here you go. but exactly?? this is so hard but so simple at the same time, because there’s nothing to not like about him, he’s a walking dream. 

let’s start at the basic basics, okay? his style. sounds stupid right? not in my opinion, style makes you define you who you are, its people’s first impressions of you. yes, im fully aware he has caroline with wardrobe but we all know zayn makes sure he has the final say and edit of his clothing. just look at a few of his outfits: it can range from “dare devil bad boy” image to “preppy freshman” in a matter of a few slight changes image and dont get me started on dressy zayn image and casual zaynimage and here’s his normal “hard” image i suppose. image bottom line is zayn can pull off anything..  image ayy let’s not forget he’s gq’s 2014 best dressed!!

okay moving on. lets go to his smile: i mean the way he has this little smirk  image to the way his smile can be so fucking big it would light up the darkest room: image and how he crinkles his lil perfect nose sometimes image and his smile is just so important to me!!!!

okay i mean i could go on about his nose, his eyes, his lashes his jawline, his lips, his hands, to his facial hair, but we’ve got other things to talk about. but zayn’s prime is my power source for living damn.

something really important to me is his family! because i know it means so much to him and he’s just so fucking happy when he’s with his family: he just loves his family so much im gonna cry the way he holds his sister image and let’s not forget the interview when they asked what makes him the most happy and he replied with “hearing my sister’s voice” IM SO UPSET. his mum image his dad image [ i wish i had more recent pictures of him with yaser] just look

image how image proud !!! i just love his family relationship image

okay now aside from family but closely related, his religion. i know he’s open about it and no matter the hate he gets he stays strong, and that so so important. i love how he shares it with his friends like look aw imageimage thanks for sharing zayn look what you achieved image so cute omg. and him celebrating with his family image i just wish there were more cute photos he had to share. 

now im moving on to one of my favorite things about him that i don’t really have pictures to show. but you know how when he talks about something that’s just sorta needed to be said he just states it and drops the topic? how he’s pretty quiet and reserved? i just love how when he’s happy he’ll just talk and talk and you better damn listen to him. he get so animated and bubbly and gets into full detail and just says all this cool stuff about him and his interests and it just makes me so happy!!!

i could talk more about his outside, his tattoos, and the way he does hide away a lot, a lot of the little quirky obvious things about him, but i really like his art. it makes him so happy and that makes me really happy! look at how lost he can get into his art: look at how concentrated he is its so cute image how he hunches over almost in protection of his art image i can only imagine what goes on through his head when he’s inspiredimageit amazes me because he does all of his work from his imagination and memory image imageimage  and he can be damn sexy while being the creative art geek he isimage i could go on for days about zayns art work it makes me so happy

i also looooove how he’s so sensitve. he really really cares about others and helping causes and that’s really hard to find these days. image imageimageimageimage never forget rnd zayn ever. he’s just so sweet i love him image 

finally, what’s not to love about his voice? it’s fucking amazing i dont care if you like one direction or not you can fucking hate music and you’ll have to agree this boy’s voice is out of this world. and his high notes, damn. anyways, here are a few of my favorite “zayn singing” moments and i’d like to lead it off with this very simple [but it basically sums everything up] quote by his one and only best mate, louis tomlinson: ” zayn’s voice gives us the edge”. image imageimage and oops here’s another quote  ”Zayn Malik, without a doubt, has the best singing voice of the bunch. His vocal skills are on another level. Zayn can sing. And he’s just so cool. His tattoos are cool. His style is cool. You always want to look at Zayn to see what he’s doing. But that voice. Unbelievable.” image

he’s just a smart, down to earth kind of guy. 

"Life at home was my dad, mum and my three sisters.You could say I had a heavy woman influence from a young age. I wasn’t really interested in things that other kids were interested in. They were interested in football, and I was… more creative. It would be like 3 in the morning, and I’d be singing full power at the top of my voice, my sister’d be banging on the wall going “Shut up, you can’t even sing! Go to sleep!”. That was kind of, I guess, where… the dream started."

i’m just so proud of my baby.

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You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart… I love you  (o⌒.⌒o)

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Selena Gomez “selfies”

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Selena’s christmas pack!